Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022: summary of the test

Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022

The Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022 is back

After 2 years of pause due to the COVID pandemic, the Osorno Volcano once again hosted the Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE. More than 1.500 runners came to Petrohue to participate in one of the 5 distances of the race: 100k, 70k, 42k, 21k and 13k.

The kick-off was on Friday December 9 with an open training through Puerto Varas. Led by our athlete and trail running coach Enzo Ferrari, 70 runners ran along the Puerto Varas waterfront and the city’s traditional Phillippi hill. The route ended at the Plaza de Armas, to then start the Expo and delivery of kits in the same place.

The race

The race started on Saturday at 00:00 hours, with the 100k race, and one after another the other races started. At 03:00 hours the 70k, at 07:00 hours the 42k, at 09:00 hours the 21k and at 10:00 hours the 13k. In all the races of the Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE our SWE team was present cheering and supporting the competitors.

For Enzo, living the race from the other side supporting the organization and cheering at the finish line was a totally new experience.  He says that “it was a lot of work, maybe more difficult than just going to run.  But it was very motivating and I’m happy to work in something related to what I like, but in another facet. It was very nice to be on the other side and see the faces of the runners, to know what they are thinking, what they are feeling, to distinguish their emotions”.

The Organization

César Montoya, one of the race directors, tells us that runners from more than 20 countries participated.  This year the routes were renewed in the ultras and marathon distances, considerably increasing the altimetry and complexity in some sectors. The runners of the Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE came face to face with the majesty of the Osorno Volcano and were able to walk the trails of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park.

Enzo Ferrari, repesentante de SWE Sport para Latam

Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022 is a race made by runners, for runners. In this sense Montoya emphasizes that “in VUT SWE we have the active participation of SWE ambassador Enzo Ferrari and Chilean runner Pepa Canales supporting us at the Expo, giving technical talks, encouraging each of the races, in the awards ceremony and receiving the runners non-stop at the basecamp in Petrohue”.

For Pepa, being on the side of the organization “was very nice. To feel the excitement of the runners, to be able to assist on the road thinking about what could help me in their place. It is very satisfying to pass on the experience you gain to be able to support others. Receiving at the finish line and being able to reward so many friends, and meeting other runners in such an emotional instance, is a tremendous motivational blow. I was very happy all weekend, although it felt more exhausting than an ultra.

Our team at the Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022

SWE was the main sponsor Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022. And for this occasion the brand invited a group of Chilean runners to participate in the race. The selection of these runners was based on technical criteria, considering their performance, sportsmanship and commitment to trail running.

Thus, SWE was present in all the distances of the race. Pablo Jeldres participated in the 100k, obtaining third place in the age category. In the 70k the SWE runner was Pamela Angel, who came second in the overall female classification. The 42k had two runners of the brand: Martín Schurch who took second place in the age category and Alicia Mancilla who had to abandon the race due to health problems. In the 21k the SWE runner was Pablo Espinoza, who took eighth place in the age category. Runner Paula Nazal represented the brand in the 13k and took second place overall in the women’s category.

Nuestro equipo en la Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022

From here, we thank each and every runner for representing SWE and wearing the Swiss colors behind us. Congratulations on your races, we are very proud of all of you.

What is to come

The athlete and SWE representative for Latin America Enzo Ferrari considers that Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE “is a race with a lot of potential. It is in a privileged environment and as a brand we can enter very firmly with support. Vulcano can become one of the most powerful races in South America”.

Ferrari considers the race a great success. “We generated a lot of expectation for the next edition. Vulcano was once again a milestone in the trail sports year in Chile. There are details that can be improved but I think they are the least. Puelche is a production company that has been working for a long time and has a lot of experience and with what SWE can contribute, everything is made compatible and a tremendous event is put together. So I’m very happy for everything I experienced and everything that happened in Vulcano”.

Final podiums of the Vulcano Ultra Trail SWE 2022

100k Female

1° Carla Fuenzalida

2° Laura Gordiola

3° Macarena Zamora


100k Masculine

1° Luis Valle

2° Patricio Cavieres

3° Ariel Segura


70k Female

1° Graciela Clavijo

2° Pamela Ángel (equipo SWE)

3° Adela Galaz


70k Masculine

1° Sthefano Calderon

2° Felipe Rivera

3° Ariel Henríquez


42k Female

1° Macarena Cayuqueo

2° Patricia Cobi

3° Leonor Calvo


42k Masculine

1° Luis Lobos

2° Mauricio Budini

3° Holben Figuera


21k Female

1° Constanza Leal

2° Natalie González

3° Magdalena Torres


21k Masculine

1° Raphael Meriaux

2° Agustín García

3° Daniel Uribe


13k Female

1° Margarita Masías y Tamara Véliz

2° Paula Nazal (Equipo SWE)

3° Natalia Huichapillán


13k Masculine

1° Julio Espinoza

2° Víctor Maldonado

3° Francisco Quijada

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