Technologies and Fabrics

In SWE and from the Ägeri mountains in Switzerland, we develop and test all the products in our extensive portfolio before launching them on the market.

The natural environment that surrounds our facilities is ideal to be able to verify that the technologies applied to all our products satisfy distributors and customers.

Our aim is to design and manufacture garments and accessories for sports practice, combining respect for the environment, quality and durability in the whole range of SWE products.

Only in this way, we can offer complements, garments and accessories that satisfy sportsmen and women.

For all these reasons, research into new technologies is present in our daily lives and is the starting point in our production chain. In the textile sector, it is essential to have the best materials, fabrics and manufacturing processes. Only in this way can we offer products of the highest quality, adapted to the needs of sportsmen and women.

We present some of the fabrics and technologies we currently use in the manufacture of our catalogue.

All this, without ever forgetting our commitment to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint in all processes, from the initial design to the delivery of the product, through the manufacturing process, quality control and manufacturing.

We hope you enjoy all SWE products for a long time to come.

Thanks for your trust

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